Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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The following measures suggest ways in which local authorities can help community groups to contribute to discussions on forthcoming renewable energy projects.

Whether individuals support or object to a wind farm, it is important that they feel involved and able to share opinions. The methods and measures below may help you - as the representative local authoritiy - to help others to engage and have a meaningful discussion about a wind project.

We suggest the following measures

Letter, email or telephone contact

Let community members know how they can contact you as the representative local authority and what the role of the local authority is.


Update your website with clear information on how communities can find out more or engage with the project. Signposting to further resources is extremely helpful.

Public meetings

It may be helpful to attend public meeting and explain how you can help.

Presence at local community events

It may be helpful to attend local events and explain how you can help.

Social media

Social media is an excellent way to engage local people for free.

Letter notification

It may be appropriate to contact certain individuals to inform or engage as necessary.

Press releases

It may be appropriate for a local authority to share news of a community involvement in a project, or any large pieces of news related to the development.

Case studies | Submit a case



  • Example of newsletter article published by a public body (UVCW, Union des Villes et des Communes de Wallonie) representing the different municipalities of Wallonia; the articles speaks about a citizen project operational since 2007.
  • Press article speaking about a hostile public meeting concerning a wind farm project in the municipality of Ophain.
  • The Municipality of Wanze  informs its citizens through its website of the wind energy projects under development in the neighborhood of Wanze.



  • Example of invitation (by the regional unit) to attend a public meeting (also part of the formal consultation procedure provided by law) during which the Environmental Impact Study of a W/F will be discussed.
  • Example of a Municipality website through which people are informed on the Municipal CounciL's opinion regarding the development of W/F.
  • Example of a regional unit (regional authority) website through which extensive information (including the environmental impact study of a complex of wind farms) is available to the public ahead of the formal consultation procedure.