Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Belgium / Wallonia

Belgium - Wallonia belgium


Overall summary


State of play wind capacity installed and 2020 targets

Cumulative capacity end 2015: 708 MW

NREAP Target 2020 (onshore, all Belgian territory): 2,320 MW



Current legal framework for information and engagement measures

In Wallonia a permit is required for wind turbines. A framework called “Cadre de Référence” (Framework for the installation of wind turbines in Wallonia) contains specific guidelines to regulate the siting of wind turbines. This focuses particularly on maintaining citizens’ quality of life, preservation of biodiversity, protection of our landscapes, and encouraging citizen participation. Public consultation procedures are compulsory, based on the Århus convention. The detail of the procedure can be consulted (link in French).



Legal framework for financial innovative measures

Participation is widely encouraged, and developers should, where appropriate, open the capital of their projects to investment of up to 24.99% for citizens for municipalities.

Citizens and municipalities will now be able to get involved in every new wind project in Wallonia. This legal provision is rare in Europe and is a real opportunity for local communities to take control of their energy future.

More information on this can be found on EDORA’s website here