Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Community – Benefit -no

Community benefits


We suggest the following measures

The following measures list some possible ways in which a community might act as a financial partner in a wind farm. However, note that opportunities are likely to be site-specific, and you are advised to speak to the developer when possible.


Private partnership including community organisation

If your community has a private company, you may be able to partner with the developer. Meet with developer at early stage to explore potential partnership.

Private partnership incl. cooperative

A local co-operative may be able to invest in the development. Choose this option at the beginning of the project and meet developer to explore partnership.


Choose a supplementary option at the beginning of the project, consider the likelihood of collecting funds from local residents.


If your community owns land, this is an excellent opportunity to become financially involved in the project through leasing to a commercial developer.


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  • In Denmark, following the stop of the support for wind energy in the beginning of the century and the obligation to sell the power on the market, the independent wind turbine owners set up a cooperative trade company to bring the power from 3000 out of 4500 wind turbines to the market collectively and thereby get better prices. Later on, assumably to avoid the low prices on the Scandinavian wholesale market, the cooperative set up a cooperative supplier selling the wind energy directly to customers.
  • In Hvide Sande in Denmark, the local community refused to accept proposals for a wind park on the beach until the local tourist board launched an initiative promising to invest all revenues in the local community. Then the local bank saw queues of people hoping to get hold of one of the shares up for sale.





Community benefits


We suggest the following measures

Many developers will be willing to consider ways in which they can provide community benefits, without requiring any investment from the community. The following suggestions may be a starting point for discussion with the developer, but remember that not every option will be available at every site (wind farm). This will depend as well on the country, area, legislative possibilities and local circumstances.



Ask the developer to sponsor specific projects or activities in the area. This can be done at any stage during the wind farm's lifetime, from early development to operation.

Discount on electricity bill

Ask the developer to consider a scheme to support local electricity bills.

Distribution of dividend

Ask the developer to consider providing a small proportion of profit to the local community, as a goodwill gesture.

Financial compensation

Those who feel impacted by the wind farm should engage at an early stage and discuss their concerns with the developer.

Community fund

The developer may wish to provide an annual community fund of a set figure per year, or single lump sum.

Local contracting

Encourage the developer to utilise local contractors where possible and reasonable.


Case studies | Submit a case

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