Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Community – Develop

Communities delivering projects


Groups of individual citizens are extremely capable of developing renewable energy projects, from small scale single turbine schemes to large, commercial-scale wind projects.

There are examples from across Europe of community groups who have taken forward projects for local benefit. In some countries there is central support available for such projects. If your community has an ambition to deliver a large-scale project, we recommend exploring regional support and advice. Remember if you do deliver a project as a community, you should act as a responsible developer, and ensure that the wider local area has opportunity to be engaged and involved – use the Developer/TSO section of WE Engage to support with delivery of an engagement strategy.




A good example of a community project is the Middelgrunden offshore wind farm that was initiated in the mid-90s. The project working group launched a crowd funding to collect finance the development costs. To allow citizens to participate financially, the working group had to have the law changed. Find out more at


Point and Sandwick Development Trust, in the West of Scotland, developed a 9MW wind farm which is now the largest community-owned wind farm in the UK. Find out more here.

There is also a great deal of advice and information available in the CARES Toolkit, a resource for community-led energy projects in Scotland


There is also a great deal of advice and information available through the brochure provided by the German Wind Energy Association, Community Wind Power: local energy for local people.

The Co-Power project provides a number of inspring stories, amongst which the one in Schleswig Holstein, in Norther Germany, of a wind farm brought together by 300 local residents.