Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Croatia croatia


Overall summary


State of play wind capacity installed and 2020 target

Cumulative onshore capacity - November 2015: 420 MW

NREAP Target 2020: 400 MW

Source: UNDP; European Commission, DG Energy, National Action Plans (NREAP)


Legal framework for information and engagement measures

In Croatia there are separate permits for environment and construction for wind farms. At the moment all projects above 10MW need to have an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which requires public consultation. For smaller projects, an EIA is optional, depending on the location and other factors. The EIA procedure is strict and follows all EU regulations regarding nature, wildlife, etc.


Legal framework for innovative financial measures

There is no specific legal framework for cooperative, crowdfunding or other innovative financing solutions, however there is also no law against it - so it is possible to achieve such financing solutions provided the developer and community can reach an agreement.

Source: UNDP Croatia