Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Overall summary


State of play installed capacity and forecast 2020

Cumulative onshore capacity - September 2015: 4,253.87 MW

NREAP target 2020 (onshore): 5,600  MW

Source: Polish Wind Energy Association; European Commission, DG Energy, National Action Plan


Legal framework for engagement, information and financial measures

According to the Act on sharing information about the environment and its protection, people have the right to access information concerning environment.

Public participation (consultation) is required as a part of the formal environmental impact assessments procedure leading to environmental decision.

Members of the public can express views on the content of an Environmental Impact Study in writing within a period of a 30 days following invitation (published notice for public consultation).

Environmental Impact Assessment is obligatory for wind turbines located in protected areas or with a total height over 30m.

There are no legal provisions for innovative financial measures in place.

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Source: Polish Wind Energy Association