Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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Overall summary


State of play: capacity installed and target 2020

Cumulative onshore capacity - end 2014: 22,981.5 MW

NREAP target 2020 (onshore): 35,000 MW

Source: European Wind Energy Association; European Commission, DG Energy, National Action Plan


Legal framework for information and engagement measures


Industrial commitments: For public tenders for wind farm development, the Autonomous Communities (provinces) require a number of industrial commitments, proportional to the MW awarded.

Agreements with municipalities: Once the wind farm is awarded, the developers also sign agreements with the councils of the municipalities where the wind farm is placed, around € 2,000 / MW / year.

Taxes/Municipal taxes: There are additional duties taxes for construction; a single payment of around 4% of the total investment budget.

Agreements with owners: The leasing of land must be agreed for the occupation of roads, platforms, substation and the flight of the blades.

Source: Acciona, Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE)


Legal framework for innovative financial measures

No information with regard to these measures.