Wind Energy: Engage, Involve, Energize!

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom uk


Overall summary


State of play wind capacity installed and 2020 target

Cumulative onshore capacity - end 2014: 7,946.0 MW

NREAP target 2020 (onshore): 14,890 MW

Source: European Wind Energy Association; European Commission, DG Energy, National Action Plan


Subsidy information

Subsidy information for the UK can be found here:

The Department of Energy and Climate Change should be referred to for the most up-to-date information on subsidies in the UK.


Regional support

Please note that while subsidies are UK-wide, other support and processes may vary between the devolved nations. For information on the following topics please seek regional advice and support which may be specific to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales:

  • Planning and Consents
  • Local Engagement
  • Community Energy (including Shared Ownership and co-operatives)
  • Grid
  • Targets for 2020 and beyond


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